Friday, April 04, 2014

Aloe Soft Aloe Gel Review

Tinku Shaji
I love aloevera. I had lots of aloe plants at my home and I used to break it and apply the gel on to my face. But now I use aloe gels. I was using elovera- cream based aloevera for a year now and this was gifted by my sis to me. So I gave a try. So thought of putting a review on the same.

Cost: 128 INR for 100 gms


Apply on your skin and spread as required.

No ingredients list.

Looks like:

My take:

I love aloe products in general. I am ok with its performance but not satisfied with the usage. This product after applied to skin tightens skin. Like if a clay face pack dries up how will it be! So I am scared if wrinkles will be formed. So I use it at night. But with Elovera which was cream based it was real good in absorption and also cured pigmentation on regular usage. I am just waiting to finish this off and get back to elovera itself.


Pure aloe gel.
No added fragnance.
Packing is cute.


Product tightens skin so much.
Might cause wrinkles.

Final verdicts: I am not satisfied with this aloe gel.

Rating: 2/5

Will I buy this again: NO


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