Monday, July 14, 2014

Blue Heaven Astringent Aloe and Honey Review

Tinku Shaji

Blue Heaven Astringent  Aloe and Honey

Blue Heaven Astringent- Aloe and Honey

Cleanses and tightens pores, regulates sebum production
CTM process should be religiously followed to have a glowing skin. And for oilies like me, the toner has to be replaced by the astringent. After being fed up with the Ayur astringent I wanted to try something new so this is it. Now was it good or as disappointing as ayur?! 

Price: Rs 45.00 for 100 ml

Description of the product:
Blue Heaven Astringent  Aloe and Honey

It’s unique formula cleanses as well as tightens the pores, preventing your delicate facial skin from dirt, grime and excessive oil secretion.

How Blue Heaven Astringent works?
Salicylic Acid:  prevents clogging the pores and fight germs.
Zinc salt: Regulates Sebum production and prevents skin from shiny look.
Honey: Naturally cleanses and moisturizes skin.
Aloevera: moisturizes, tones and softens your skin preventing it from dryness.


Pour some astringent on a cotton pad. Apply on forehead, nose and chin in upward and outward strokes. Avoid contact with eyes.
Ideal for all skin type. Apply before putting makeup.

Blue Heaven Astringent  Aloe and Honey

Aqua (water), Iso propyl alcohol, Glycerin, Propelene glycol,  PEG 40, hydrogenated castor oil, Zinc sulphate, salicylic acid, Sodium methyl paraben, Honey, Aloevera, Disodium EDTA, triethanol amine, Color and fragnance.

My take:

It is a light blue color liquid. It cleans well and pore size is visibly reduced after prolonged usage. It does remove excess oil and does not sting (whereas the Ayur astringent was very harsh on skin). If pimples are there it better to avoid using as it spreads the bacteria throughout the face causing breakout. I use it regularly. If I have a pimple, I skip that area to avoid further infection. Also using this daily has visible reduced the oil production.


No stinging
Removes excess oil
Pore size visibly reduced.
Easily available.



Rating 5/5

Would I recommend this: Yes (for oily skin)


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