Saturday, July 12, 2014

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Baby Lotion

Tinku Shaji
Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion (400ml)

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Baby Lotion

Price:Rs 212 for 100 ml


A gentle lotion specially formulated to restore the skin’s natural beauty leaving skin soft and supple. Enriched with almond oil that restores skin moisture, Olive oil which improves skin luster,  Yashtimadhu and country mallow which soothes the skin.

Directions for use:

Apply all over baby’s body after bath.


Baba (Sidhi cardofolia) 2mg, Yashthimadhu 2mg, Guduchi 2mg, Oils jaitun 14mg, vatada (prunus amygdalus) 10 mg
Methyl paraben IP, Propyl paraben, Phenoxyethanol.

My take:

This was my baby’s first body lotion. It was used from day 10 of his birth. He had dry skin and this corrected that issue. For face baby cream was used. This did not cause him any allergy and was ok to use. After bath if the lotion was applied immediately, then there was no need for re application.

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