Thursday, July 10, 2014

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil

Tinku Shaji
Himalaya Herbals Baby Massage Oil (100ml)

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil

Description of the product:

Pure, mild and gentle baby oil. Enriched with olive oil, that nourishes with vitamin, Winter cherry which improves the skin tone and aloe vera that moisturizes the skin. An excellent massage oil for your baby. Daily massage has been shown to develop overall baby’s growth and development.
Directions of use:

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil

Spread all over the body including hands and legs and gently massage in the oil.

Each ml contains:

Ashwagantha, tipla, Kumari, ushira, oil jaitun

My take:

The oil has many benefits and nourishes skin very well. The smell is a little bothering and can be a little disturbing for the baby’s sensitive nose. But it’s a good massaging oil and no influence on skin tone as such.


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