Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dove Silk Glow Beauty Body Lotion Review

Tinku Shaji
Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion Normal

Dove Silk Glow Beauty Body Lotion

Body lotions are a boon for skin. I like to pamper myself in a good rich body lotion. I missed to pack my body lotion and I bought this at the airport. This is for the fair skin beauties and not for others like me :(.

Price: Rs 160/- for 250 ml.

Description of the product:

Dove Silk Glow Beauty Body Lotion

Silk glow beauty body lotion for silky radiant skin.
The way light is reflected on your skin can affect how radiant it looks. Silk glow beauty body lotion puts you in your best light. With its nourishing moisture formula and light reflecting particles, dove silk glow wraps your skin in shimmering moisture to make it come alive in any light.
Good for your skin, great for your look.


Is a very huge list of chemicals (refer pic below)
Dove Silk Glow Beauty Body Lotion

Dove Silk Glow Beauty Body Lotion

My take on the lotion:

This lotion was purchased on travel when I missed my Vaselinelotion. Right from my 15 years I am loyal to my Vaseline body lotion, however I have tried couple of other lotions which my mom and sis uses. Then when I spotted this I just thought I have never tried dove so gave a hit. This lotion is creamy and has tiny granules in it. Its more like applying glitters rather than moisturizing. People notice and ask what have you applied on your face, there are glitters. Typically I look like a clown because for dusky skin people like me the highlighting gold particles gives a cheap look. And you will have glitters wherever you  move. I just used it once and is lying in my cabin unused. Its such a disappointment and is a definite no-no product. 




No moisturizing effect.
Heavy glittering granules.


Would I recommend this: NO


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